Loft Parrucchieri Rebel Rock Collection

Matteo Susini,

Hairdresser passionate, versatile and creative, the leading player in the fashion world, working with leading international designers and the most important Italian and international photo shoots with his team.

An eclectic talent, who knows every woman studying for her image more authentic. Shares a cosmopolitan view of the profession and brings in its halls the dynamism that lives in baskstage fashion shows.

In 2005 he created a successful brand "Hair Loft": with this trademark choose the Artistic Team, develops and manufactures the Educational Book launch Project Mate. A stylistic reality that focuses on quality of service and the uniqueness of every woman, enhancing it with refined simplicity, because, he says Susini: "Style is something that remains." Loft is an important partnership for hairdressers salon in Italy and the United States, which performs a cutting-edge training, based on an international vision of the trend and cleverly transformed into styles through cuts and unique colors.